Homemade Goat Milk and Glycerin soap scented with Lemon, Mint, Rose, Orange, Jasmine, Coffee, Pine, Green Tea, Peach, Lavender, Vanilla...

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Hand carved vegan soaps

Posted by Administrator on 5/8/2012
Tea tree and Chamomile Vegan SoapI was so excited about the new vegan soaps that I couldn't wait to show off a few of them, even though they are still in testing mode at this time. White, creamy and skin conditioning, they lather and take fragrances and colors very well.

So far I've got mint, coffee (shown in the heart shape photo - I can't wait to try it), jasmine, sweet orange, and the "Joy" tea tree and chamomile, hand carved.

I'm experimenting with hand carved texts and will be posting more photos and hopefully more fresh products soon.

While making the next batch I will take the opportunity to use molasses, which is a rich source of vitamins and minerals and a wonderful natural sugar. It usually imparts a sophisticated brown color to the soap and a sweet fruity fragrance that complements scents like apple and peach.

Here is the coffee soap, which is not hand carved, of course. Just worked out well as a pourable soap.
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