Homemade Goat Milk and Glycerin soap scented with Lemon, Mint, Rose, Orange, Jasmine, Coffee, Pine, Green Tea, Peach, Lavender, Vanilla...

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New soaps

Posted by Administrator on 1/21/2014
Soapmint - Ocean Breeze Homemade Soap  Here's what I've been working on recently.

Hand carved vegan soaps

Posted by Administrator on 5/8/2012
Tea tree and Chamomile Vegan SoapI was so excited about the new vegan soaps that I couldn't wait to show off a few of them, even though they are still in testing mode at this time. White, creamy and skin conditioning, they lather and take fragrances and colors very well. So far I've got mint, coffee (shown in the heart shape photo - I can't wait to try it), sweet orange, and the "Joy" tea tree and chamomile, hand carved.

soapmint stores on ebay and etsy

Posted by Administrator on 3/30/2012
If you are on eBay or etsy often, stop by and visit my pages SoapMint on eBay and SoapMint on etsy.

New soap fragrances are coming!

Posted by Administrator on 3/30/2012
Very exciting wonderful fragrances are coming soon, look at this list!

How I Got into Soap Making

Posted by SoapMint on 1/5/2012
Friends, family and acquaintances asked me how did I stumble upon soap making of all things. 

I was browsing the public library and happened upon the crafts section. A beautifully colored book drew my attention and I pulled it off the shelf to skim through it.

Working on New Designs

Posted by SoapMint on 1/3/2012
I'm working on new and exciting designs with apple, peach, chamomile and citrus fragrance. Looking forward to posting them.

Home Spa

Posted by SoapMint on 11/9/2011
Some scents give you an instant burst of energy. Mint will instantly wake you up on dull mornings. Coffee lovers will appreciate the invigorating aroma of a vanilla latte in the morning. The spiced cinnamon orange slices remind of the holidays.

 New soaps
 Hand carved vegan soaps
 soapmint stores on ebay and etsy
 New soap fragrances are coming!

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